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Who We Are

The Learning Agenda

The Learning Agenda helps youth-invested philanthropies and youth-serving organizations accomplish their goals with greater clarity and efficiency.

Our team of consultants draws on deep, hands-on experience in several key areas with innovative school design and out-of-school time:

  • nonprofit leadership;

  • education, including in and out-of-school learning and development;

  • professional learning communities and group facilitation;

  • strategic planning;

  • program design, implementation and evaluation.

The Learning Agenda Difference

We are true partners, taking the time to understand your organization’s unique needs.

Your mission is our mission.

We’re passionate about educating and supporting the development of under-served youth and closing the opportunity gap, and we understand the field.

It’s where we came from and what we continue to do.

We get you.

We’re up to speed quickly because we’ve worked in organizations and environments like yours. We’ve navigated the field, tackled issues like yours and we’re well-connected.

We work to help you do what you do better – with greater knowledge, capabilities and efficiency.

We’re with you all the way.

We won’t hand off strategies that you don’t have the capacity to implement.

We’re part of your team from vision through implementation –managing the initiative and collaborating with you, and building your team’s capacity and confidence throughout the process.

“When we started the project, I expected The Learning Agenda to bring knowledge of programs and facilitation expertise, but the full and thoughtful commitment of the team to help our client, our team, project participants and the OST field itself was outstanding. The project benefited from the deep knowledge of The Learning Agenda team about OST programming, current challenges and trends, and the network of experts/trainers brought to bear on the project.”
- Ursula Helminski, Vice President External Affairs at Afterschool Alliance